‡T Type-approval test

‡@ Life-saving appliances ‡A Fire protecting material ‡B Ship navigation light
‡C Whistle/signal bell ‡D Navigational equipment ‡E Other ship equipment

‡U Environmental Test

‡@ Weathering test@@@@@@@‡A Vibration/Shock test
‡B Temperature & humidity test ‡C Salt water spray test

‡V Portable Container Test

‡@ Portable container test for UN dangerous goods
‡A Container test for JIS standards
‡B Effectiveness test for plastic container

‡W Fire Safety Test

‡@ IMO FTP code part1`9 ‡A Fire test for material
‡C General fire test (actual size fire test, sprinkler fire-extinguisher, cone calorimeter,calorific-potential-test,non-combustibility,smoke,surface-flammability,gas-tozity, flame ignition, combustibility, flame-arresta)

‡X Electronics Apparatus Safety Test

‡@ Explosive test for electric apparatus
‡A Outer cover protection test for electric device

‡Y EMC Test

‡@ Test according to EC Directive /IEC 60945
‡A Test according to IEC 61000-4

‡Z Chemical Analysis/Test for Protection from environmental pollution

‡@ Water quality analysis, oil ,ph,density ‡A Oil separator test

‡[ Tensile & Compression Test

‡@ 98kN test ‡A 0.98MN test

‡\ Calibration Test/Verification

‡@ Acceleration pick-up calibration ‡A Test for GMDSS inspection device

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